More on Shrinking R&D Budgets and the Relationship Between Biotechs and Big Pharma

There was a response at about the article I commented on a few days ago. I though this point was buried a little deeply in the story.

But since the Xconomy story ran on February 17, he says he has gotten dozens of “attaboys,” along with quite a few critiques. Often, biotech entepreneurs feel that it’s the VCs, not Big Pharma, who usually victimize biotech entrepreneurs with predatory tactics.

As I mentioned, several Big Pharma companies have demonstrated that they believe collaborative partnerships are the way to nurture the discovery process, and some of the folks who have had success in this area will discuss their lessons learned at Pharmaceutical Research Collaborations Summit, July 26-27 in Boston.  I would like to hear someone from Big Pharma chime in on this discussion.


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